C128 PSU Classic Black US

High-quality Commodore 128 replacement power supply unit (PSU). Designed specifically for C128 systems to preserve them in a pristine condition for years to come. Stabilized and filtered +5V/3.0A DC along with 9V/1.1A AC ensure continued error-free operation of your C128. Robust and sturdy chassis with LED-illumination and different styles and colors to chose from. Fully fused and electrically protected, with square DIN5 plug matching the original C128 PSU pinout.

C128 PSU Classic Black US
  • Replacement power supply for Commodore 128

  • Stabilized 5V/3.0A DC output with anti-ripple filter

  • Transformer-generated 9V/1.1A AC output

  • Over-voltage and over-current protection

  • Fused on AC and DC side and fully isolated

  • LED-illuminated high quality chassis

  • Potentiometer for adjusting LED brightness

  • Durable and thick cables on both sides

  • Runs cold

  • Weight only 0.6 kg (1.3 lb)

  • Compact enclosure with classic shape 86 mm x 70 mm x 48 mm (3.4" x 2.8" x 1.9")

  • Square DIN5 plug with 5V DC and 9V AC

  • US-standard 120V AC power plug (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan, and others)

A fresh start

Commodore 64 and 128 systems have sold in over 20 million units worldwide, an impressive number even by today's standards. However, unlike modern computers, tablets, and smartphones, a considerable number of C64 and C128 systems are still operational over 30 years after being introduced to the public. In proper hands they have a chance of surviving another 30 years. Yet a common failure among Commodore 64/128 systems is the power supply. This is specifically why we have designed a replacement C64 and C128 PSU. This series of power supplies gives your system a fresh start, minimizing the risk of damage due to an ageing factory power supply.

C128 PSU Classic Black US

Robust and reliable design

The C128 PSU was designed from scratch as a high-quality replacement for the original Commodore power supply. It contains a +5V/3.0A DC switching power module with an anti-ripple filter, along with a true transformer-based 9V/1.1A AC module. The power supply has a sturdy custom-made chassis with an elegant LED-illuminated logo.

C128 PSU Classic Black US

Classic vs. Modern chassis

The C64 and C128 power supplies are available in two shapes. The first is called Classic and with a size of 86 mm x 70 mm x 48 mm (3.4" x 2.8" x 1.9") resembles the original power supply series. The second is called Modern, and resembles a modern power supply with a slicker shape of 125 mm x 59 mm x 42 mm (5.0" x 2.3" x 1.6"). Both variants however are a lot lighter and more compact than the original Commodore power supplies. Additionally, both the Modern and Classic chassis are available in colors black and gray. If at the point of purchase you are uncertain about the item version in the cart, please drop us a message with the desired chassis style, color, plug type and voltage (US/EU/UK/AU).

C128 PSU Classic Black US

Black vs. Gray chassis

All our power supplies are available in black and light gray. The performance between both types doesn't differ, it's a matter of taste. The LED and OLED displays (depending on the version) are generally black with white illumination, being more pronounced on the gray edition and giving an interesting color combination. On the other hand the LED/OLED display blends in the black version better, being barely visible when not powered. If at the point of purchase you are uncertain about the item version in the cart, please drop us a message with the desired chassis style, color, plug type and voltage (US/EU/UK/AU).

C128 PSU Classic Black US

Precision and dedication

The development of our series of Commodore, Amiga, Sinclair, Atari, Coleco, and TI power supplies has been driven by a sense of sentiment for retro-computing, combined with accuracy and dedication in creating electrical equipment to be proud of. It goes without saying, that the electronics has been designed by skilled professionals, thoroughly tested, and improved based on years of feedback from thousands of users. However, we have also put a lot of effort into the visual appearance of our power supplies. We design and manufacture our own enclosures with CNC and injection molding technologies. The LED and OLED panels are carved from PMMA to give a modern appearance to the power supplies. Hundreds of hours of designing and perfecting have been put into these devices, to create not only a safe and robust power supply, but also a satisfying visual improvement to your system.

C128 PSU Classic Black US

What else is out there?

The original Commodore power supplies are very hard to get by these days, and often pose a reliability or even safety threat. As for other replacement power supplies, a handful of solutions exist on the market. Yet most of them are DIY-grade, lacking basic quality, electric engineering expertise, and safety features. The vast majority of these power supplies is recognizable by general-purpose plastic enclosures and internal components wired up in a true DIY style. Opening up a few of those power supplies was big motivation for us to design our Commodore C64, C128, Amiga, Atari, ZX Spectrum, Sinclair QL, TI-99/4A, and ColecoVision power supply series.

C128 PSU Classic Black US
C128 PSU Classic Black US

Safety first

Our C128 PSU is designed to be safe for the user, and safe for the computer. It's protected from over-current and over-voltage, and fused on both the AC and DC sides. Nevertheless, it's mandatory to say that this is a 120/230V AC power device, which should not be opened, tampered with, or used for anything else than powering an unmodified Commodore 64 computer. It's intended for indoor usage only, the maximum rated current should not be exceeded, and proper ventilation should be ensured. For reference, a picture of the opened power supply is shown below.